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Stand for something significant.

A total pet experience.


The Problem.

Stand out from the crowded pet market.

Pethouse is a one-stop solution for all the pets' needs and requirements. But it had no emotional connect or impactful visual identity whatsoever.

Being related to pet industry in a crowded market, they needed a USP and visual identity that clicks.

Pethouse Anchor

The Solution.

A total pet experience

Pet owners are highly compassionate towards their furr babies. So we set Pethouse mission to rebrand it by weaving a touch of warmth, compassion and safety.

Stylized, simple and memorable logo with pet references, quirky and fun typography appeals to the pet lovers. The imagery, visual design, colours and fonts appealed to the customers.

  • Branding

  • Packaging

  • Copywriting

  • Social Media


A pethouse offerings pet products.


We care for your pets. Your pets would love us.

A pet haven

Pethouse now stands for a brand that's trustworthy, safe and compassionate towards pets and pet owners. It's a go-to place for high-quality pet products.

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02 Pethouse.jpg
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