Our Story

....and that was the day when she gave up cooking and became a storyteller.

In a faraway land, lived the damsel of our story. Her average cooking skills made her upset. She was a fighter and did not give up. She kept practicing for long lonely hours and stories became her constant companion. She became excellent in "cooking stories." She realised that good food pleases everyone but so does good words. She gave up her apron and donned her thinking cap. Soon others joined her in her journey and that's how InkTrust was born.

InkTrust is a close-knit content writing agency founded by Chaudhary Ahsanat, the protagonist of our story. She translated her love for words into something concrete. We are a team of enthusiastic writers from diverse fields working towards a shared common vision of providing quick, hassle-free and unique content experiences to businesses and helping them grow.

We started with modest resources but with time we have managed to build a loyal client base by successfully executing projects Brick by brick; projects after projects, InkTrust now brings a staggering 20+ writing services to the table.

We believe in helping each other grow. It's Ahsanat's vision that Inktrust continues to flourish and so do our employees and clients.

She sure does not have a Michelin star, but her vision shines brighter than it. And guess what, this is just the beginning of her story, your story, our story.